If I Had My Druthers

Once again, here’s Gill. This time she’s musing about what she’d do for herself and the world if money actually did grow on trees.

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I have often thought about this, but never really asked a lot of people what they would do in the situation where money wasn’t an issue, and they had free reign over what they could choose to do with their wealth.

The Big World Out There

1 Find ways to end wars by instituting programs to promote books over weapons.
2 End world hunger by creating and helping farmers, and introducing big business to the fair trade concept.
3 Make sure every boy and girl had not only a home, food, school, but the comfort that they were loved.
4 Create a safe environment where people could just talk.
Finally make it possible for people who never learned how to read to experience the joy of reading by having literacy stands on every corner of every street everywhere in the world.

Little Me

Now friends for a moment take this chance to indulge your wildest dreams.

1 I would go back to St. Martin and take a stroll through that Star Wars store, and maybe come back with some autographed stuff.
2 Take my mom on that trip to Thailand that she was always dreaming of, and learn to make a proper traditional meal from there.
3 Ski in Germany and Austria with my dad. Go to and check out those places I have only seen on TV.
4 Go on a huge trip with my sister and just spend time hanging out and really connecting with her.
Finally, and this dear friends is a touch on the far fetched side as I do not have a time machine. Go, like I did in that dream I told all of you about to Berlin, teach Jessie Owens how to high five, and of course go green pepper on Hitler.

German decent guilt aside, now it’s up to you. What kinds of things both big and small would you do if money wasn’t a factor, and you had your druthers?

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