There’s An App For Too Many Things. Who Wants Some Phone-Powered Underwear?

I’m sure that for some people on some level, these here Fundawear smartphone app controlled vibrating underwear are a good idea. but me, I can’t get past the bad idea alarm that goes off whenever I think about having electronics that close to my crotch.

A partner can push buttons on the app to “touch” the other person over the Internet.
“Fundawear is a project about transferring touch across vast distances and that’s really a first globally,” said Ben Moir, technical director of the project, in Durex’s video.
Moir said Fundawear has actuators wired into the garment, which essentially gives users “a thump or little sensation to give you feedback when you touch the phone.” He also added that the Fundawear app can also measure — and simulate — the intensity of a user’s touch on the app.

These are still in the testing phase so aren’t yet available to the public, but you can win a chance to take them for a test drive if you’d like to do that for some reason.

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