Get On My Lawn!

Generally speaking, you probably shouldn’t take the law into your own hands. But sometimes it’s pretty funny when someone does.

Police in La Puente, California, got a call from someone claiming he was being followed. When they arrived, what they found was a man jumping from rooftop to rooftop for some reason and refusing to come down. For hours it went like this, even after a crisis negotiator was called in.

And then he got to Wilford Burgess’ house.

“I’d made up my mind. I said, ‘He’s on my roof? Whatever it takes, he’s coming off,’ ” Wilford Burgess told ABC7 after he pushed the man off his house’s roof.
Burgess said he told his neighbor he needed to borrow his ladder to get the man down.
“I’m going on that roof. That sucker’s coming down,” Burgess said.
In a video of the incident, Burgess is seen pushing and shoving the man and giving him a few “choice words” before the man is launched off the front of the roof and slams onto the hood of Burgess’ car. The windshield was wrecked with a circular web of cracks and breaks from the man’s impact.

The jumper, who was not named and appears to be physically ok, was taken for a mental evaluation.

As for Burgess, who for the record is 83-years-old, he won’t be charged with anything. He just gets to be everybody’s hero for a while.

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