Calling Any Of These Things Food Seems Mighty Generous

Last Updated on: 15th August 2013, 12:05 pm

Since I’m about to go get lunch and I’m sure many of you are too, I figured why not send us all on our way with this. 10 Foods that Thankfully Flopped

There are some real winners in here including Cereal Mates, which I don’t remember but which sounds completely wrong and horrifying. Number 2, indeed.

2. Cereal Mates
Sometimes, new products fail because they’re simply bad ideas (ahem, New Coke). Other times, it’s because they’re just impossible to market. Such was the case for Cereal Mates. Beating the dead horse of über-convenient breakfast foods, Kellogg’s introduced Cereal Mates in 1997. The idea was simple: a small box of cereal, a container of specially packaged milk (no refrigeration required!), and a plastic spoon. It was the perfect A.M. answer for the person on the go …who enjoys warm milk on cereal. Trying to patch up one mistake with another, Kellogg’s then moved the product to the dairy section, where no sane person looks for cereal. On top of all that was the price. At about $1.50 for only four ounces of the stuff, Cereal Mates was deemed too expensive for most consumers. After two years, Kellogg’s pulled it from the shelves.

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