How Does That Old Rhyme Go? I Scream, Then I Punch You In The Face For Ice Cream?

Yes, it’s disappointing when you think you’re going to get free ice cream but then you find out after you’ve ordered that your stupid coupon is expired. But no, that does not make it ok to punch the lady behind the counter when she apologizes and says that that’ll be $3.50, sir instead of just giving it to you.

William Hotz, 59, of Valley Stream, went into a Carvel on Dutch Broadway on Wednesday and ordered a $3.50 ice cream cone, Nassau County police say. Police say after receiving his cone, Hotz gave the 55-year-old woman working at the counter a “one free ice cream cone” coupon.
The woman told Hotz that his coupon was expired and he would need to pay for it, the report said.
Hotz decided to leave instead of paying.  The woman confronted Hotz outside of the store.
That’s when police say that Hotz punched her several times in the face.  The victim reportedly suffered a cut and swelling to her lip.

Hotz did not go quietly with the police who arrived on scene shortly thereafter, choosing instead to thrash and flail in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed. That strategy worked until back-up arrived, though I bet it didn’t do wonders for his hard won ice cream.

Hotz was charged with robbery and resisting arrest, but for some reason not with assault. The cashier refused medical attention and is hopefully fine.

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