A Real Florida Cracker

I can’t stop watching this Terry Funk promo about Jerry Lawler wanting to be a true Floridian.

My mind is being pulled equally in 2 different directions:

1. This is hilarious.
2. This man is legitimately insane and would probably kill himself just to injure me in a fight.

Then I have another thought. Even though he’s a legend and one of the best there’s ever been in wrestling, would Terry Funk even make it through a WWE tryout today? They’d likely tell him he needed to learn how to talk. Remember, this is the same company that once hired Ric Flair and instructed him to speak as little as possible because they didn’t care for his mic work and where Dusty Rhodes is reported to have recently caught hell from noted master of the wrestling interview Stephanie McMahon for going off script and making a segment more awesome in the process.

And in case you doubt that Terry Funk is actually nuts, this is him talking about the video you just saw.

Q: The best promo I ever saw was Terry Funk standing in a shower talking about Jerry Lawler wanting to be a filthy, stinky, greasy, Florida cracker…..then Terry poured Quaker State motor oil and dirt all down his face and over his body. Was that real motor oil going into your eyes? (Chris Linklater, Crestview, FL)
A: Yes, and that was the dumbest thing I ever did because like a fool, I was real, and always wanted to be real and I actually poured engine oil — it wasn’t molasses or anything else — and it burned the piss out of my eyes.

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