Tour Of A Strange Dream

I have so many strange ideas for posts. I accumulate them and never get a chance to write them down…and then I barf small random posts because they’re the easiest to get done. So inevitably, I still leave the large, intimidating post ideas for who knows when. Here’s another small one.

I mentioned dreaming about taking Tansy to the “Tour of the Universe” ride. I figured that one needed its own post for a heap of reasons.

The dream was weird, but not nearly as weird as its companions in the dreams category. I was going to this space simulation called “Tour of the Universe.” Never mind this simulation has been closed for 20 or more years, but off we go.

To explain, I did go to “Tour of the Universe” when it was alive. Here’s an old commercial for it,
and also here’s a blog post of someone who worked there. I think we went in 1988. It was in the basement of the CN Tower. You went down in this silly elevator whose floor shimmied and shook, and then you were told you had gone forward 30-some years to 2019 and you were now at a space tourist port. After standing for what seemed like an eternity to go through mock customs and medical stations, you got into what looked like a plane. As you sat, you watched a movie about trying to get to one of Jupitor’s moons, but getting thwarted by an asteroid and having to go back to Earth. But the whole time action was going on, your seat moved to make you feel like you were actually living the movie…kind of like some of those movie-themed rides at Wonderland. But I guess back then, we didn’t have those.

I guess they had us wait so long to get into the plane that by the time I got in there, I was expecting the impossible. So when I didn’t feel like I was floating, I was disappointed. I had forgotten about this whole thing until that dream.

In the dream, it was all different now. Instead of going in that silly elevator that did weird things as you descended, we went down a crazy racing spiraling escalator thing. The whole time I was hanging on, I was wondering how I would tell Tansy to get off. I spent more time worrying about Tansy than enjoying the experience. Then we got into the plane thing, and a dude said he was the pilot and wondered if it was such a good idea to have a dog, who wasn’t tied down to anything, in a cabin full of moving seats. I pulled the ID saying she was allowed in public conveyances…then realized he wasn’t talking about allowing a guide dog into the exhibit, he was actually worried about the physics of it. And then I started to think about it, and wonder if it was a good idea. But it was too late to turn back now, so all I could do was hope.

And I woke up, and I had to work really hard to remember what this ride was that I was remembering. I hadn’t thought about that thing in years and years. I wonder why my brain dredged up that antique memory.

So yeah, there was my first dream featuring Tansy…that one, although there was an element of nervousness, was not to the degree of my Trix dreams.

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