Boobie Trapped

Last Updated on: 19th June 2018, 10:41 am

Here’s a little tip for others who may think like Ronald McIntyre. If you owe more than $5000 in child support and the cops are looking for you, you’re better off to just let the cops arrest you than try to jump out a window, especially if that window is a third floor window that looks out over artificial turf covering concrete. Just feel the pain from that image. I’m sure McIntyre, who goes by the nickname of Boobie, is feeling quite a bit of pain. He’s in hospital recovering from multiple compound fractures to both legs and some other unspecified injuries.

The amazing part is even after he landed and realized just how badly he was injured, he still tried to crawl away. Police were having some trouble arresting him since there was a security gate between him and them. But the fellow managed to crawl near enough to the fense that they grabbed one of his wrists and cuffed it to the fense and waited for building staff to unlock the gate.

So now, on top of his $5000 that he owes to the mother of his children, he will probably have quite the huge medical bill. Way to go.

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