In At Least One League, Just Managing To Find The Field Isn’t Good Enough For A Win Anymore

Awesome. Everyone No Longer A Winner In Texas Youth Football League

The Keller Youth Association (KYA) football league has decided to do away with trophies for every child who plays. The league director said the board made the decision in order to teach kids that to get awards, they have to go above and beyond just participating.
Football director John Quinones said the board had talked about eliminating trophies for a couple years. They scaled back to medals for participants over the last few seasons. Starting in the spring, those will be gone too, except for possibly the youngest division. Only league champions will take home an award.
“The biggest thing is we want to teach these kids everything in life isn’t going to be given to them,” Quinones said. “Your boss when you go to work isn’t going to give you a trophy just because you showed up on time.”

Even better, there seems to be no sign of whinging parents. The league says that reaction to the move has been overwhelmingly positive, and a couple of parents interviewed for the story said that their kids aren’t bothered by it at all. One guy even said that the participation trophies don’t mean anything to anyone anyway, but that championship ones hopefully would.

Can this please be the start of a trend?

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