A Very Late Goodbye To Sean Keane

I was just sitting here, Googling a few comedians who’s names I hadn’t heard in a while to see what they were up to, when I stumbled on something one of them had written about a Sean Keane tribute show. Uh-oh, tribute show? That doesn’t sound good. So I immediately switched my focus to Googling Sean Keane and sure enough, he died of a heart attack near the end of 2012.

He was an absolutely hilarious guy, one I wish I’d gotten to see a lot more of. I only ever caught him on TV and radio a few times, but they were always memorable and I never forgot his name. Mister Sean Keane | Winnipeg Comedy

I wish I could find the episode of Comics! he did. there were a lot of great episodes, but his was always one of my favourites. Man I miss that show.

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    1. It’s true. On the TV side I think they still have a few broadcasts from the Winnipeg Comedy Festival each year, but that’s about it. On the radio side there’s Laugh Out Loud and the Debaters, but it does seem as though stand-up is taking a bit of a back seat these days, especially since they lost Just for Laughs to the Comedy Network.

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