TextStalker.Bin Drivin’

I haven’t planted an inside joke in a post in a while…figured I’d go for two weird ones in the title.

I heard about something on CBC radio that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. The morning guy was talking about this app that parents can install on their kids’ phones that will let them know if they’re texting while driving…


It will alert the parent if their kid is sending texts while moving at a high rate of speed.

My immediate thought was what if the kid is a passenger? It has no idea whether they’re driving or not. Lots of kids send texts while riding the bus. This would mean, if their parents installed this app on their phone, that they would get ohmygod alerts whenever they sent a text from the bus. What a waste of time and energy.

I wasn’t sure what the app was called, so I did some googling. In my travels, I found this creepy app. To think that there’s enough of a market for this creeps me out. *shiver* Why don’t you just strap an electronic monitoring device to your kid while you’re at it?

As an aside, does it bug anyone else when Tom Power says “It’s 7:15, quarter to the hour in Newfoundland”? Quarter to what hour? If you don’t know the timezone difference, or if you’re groggy, like lots of people are in the morning, that could confuse someone a whole bunch.

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  1. Forget about all the uselessness and bad parenting at work here for a second. Is it crazy to think that this thing is probably a possessive partner’s dream? You want to know who somebody’s talking to and when, where they’re going, all that jazz, mission accomplished. So much room for abuse here.

    1. Hahaha. I bet a lot of us have at least one of those. Hopefully you’re in a much better position now, though I suppose it would be difficult for you to answer that question without her killing you.

  2. He explained this one time. It’s because the show airs across the country. So when it’s 7:15 in Halifax it’s 7:45 in Newfoundland. When it’s 7:15 in Ontario, it’s 8:45 in Newfoundland, and so on and so forth.

    But if he says it’s “7:15, 8:45 in Newfoundland” when it’s 7:15 in BC, he’s wrong. Because then it’s 11:45. However it IS “Quarter to the hour” no matter where you are.

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