Abraham Nemeth-Life=So Long

I meant to write about this back when it happened in October, but did I? Nope.

I read that Dr. Abraham Nemeth, inventor of the Nemeth Code, had dide. My first thought was “Nemeth Code is that recent?” Braille feels so old, even though in the grand scheme of things it’s not, that I assumed that the Nemeth Code was just as old. To think that it was invented this century, and until October 2, its inventor was still alive kind of blew my mind.

When I was a kid, I found Nemeth Code to be complicated, so hated it. But really, doing math any other way wouldn’t have been practical at all. The symbols didn’t exist. In retrospect, I don’t think my issue was with Nemeth Code, I had enough trouble with math, it was just an extra layer and an easy thing to hate.

I think any blind person who studied math has a lot to thank Dr. Nemeth for. I wish I was ingenius enough to come up with solutions to some of the problems that crop up and give me grief. *coughcough* piece of crap workflow software we’re forced to try to use at work *coughcough*

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