Welcome To The Quiet And Frustrated Season, Plus Some Holiday Observations

Good morning, Vomiteers! Wow, there’s one we haven’t busted out in a while.

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around here…again. I feel like I just finished apologizing for that same thing a few weeks back, probably because I did.

But yeah, sure has been quiet around here lately, hasn’t it? Between entering the Christmas shopping season and the Steve’s birthday season which are immediately followed up by the marathon of Christmas parties season, the recovery from the marathon of Christmas parties season and the goddammit it’s New Years and I wanna watch hockey season, quietness is likely to be a thing more than it isn’t the next little while. You’re all doing stuff anyway, so you may not even notice or care that much.

But things have been even quieter than usual because we’ve just entered the second week of Steve doesn’t have a computer that works so he’s using his iPhone and Carin’s computer when it’s available season, which overlapped somewhat with spend a few hundred bucks on parts and labour to get the old bastard running just long enough to quickly get the files off of it but end up with hardeware trouble that’s too pricey to be worth fixing season and is right before get a new one and get used to it when the new year begins season. Good times all around. The old one was reaching the end of its days anyway, but I was hoping it would be able to go out on its own terms. I suppose it did if it’s own terms were die alone late on a Sunday, but you’d think a machine that smart would pick better terms than that. At least the drives are fine, so I won’t be losing all my data. Or maybe I should just shut up.

And now, here are a few Christmas words from our old friend Gill.

Often times, and many that I know consider this to be rather on the dangerous side,
I have taken to thinking of oddball things. The holidays definitely do not escape
the Ms. Gillie Thinks Of That path.

Have you ever watched The Grinch and thought to yourself as many times I have that
the grinch has a rather large rear end? Or that fruitcake looks like something used
to keep doors from shutting?

Have you ever voiced these thoughts or others, but either gotten the head shake or
the questioning of your sanity? I have asked about fruitcake and grinch rear, and
no one has been able to answer me.

My theories are that when they drew the cartoon in the middle 1960’s they probably
weren’t thinking that people would really ask. As for fruitcake, I can’t say for
certain why on God’s green Earth my dad finds it delicious, or why I would more
likely use it to stop my door.

What are your comedic holiday observations?

Ms. Gillie Out

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  1. The term “grinch rear” makes me chuckle. It also disturbs me. I have never had anyone else comment on the grinch having a large behind…but that doesn’t mean people haven’t thought it. And I think a lot of people think a fruitcake is best served stopping doors.

    Yes, poor poor Steve’s computer. That really sucks. I wish I knew how to take out a drive/put it in mine/get all the data off.

    1. I’ll confess. I actually like fruitcake. Now I kind of want one. Some of them are quite tasty.

      Yeah, hardware fiddling and swapping is one area of computers I’m really not comfortable with. Hell, I don’t even like dinking with all the cords and cables in the back. I always seem to mess something up whenever I dare, hahaha. Just ask Carin.

      1. Yeah it depends on the fruitcake. Some are quite yummy. But some…oh lord.

        Heheh. I used to be terrified of cords. Then I learned what they did sort of slowly, 1 by 1, so it wasn’t an overwhelming experience. So now they don’t really scare me. The only ones that mystify me a bit are the cords that go from cable modem to router. Those seem to confuse me because there appear to be more than you would think you would need.

        1. My problem is that the things just hate me. Even if I know exactly what I’m looking at and aiming for, something is just gonna fall on out of there without me either noticing it or knowing how to put it back. It doesn’t even have to really be in the neighbourhood. It’s as if everything that’s plugged in has a conversation that goes along the lines of “Here he comes. Looks like he wants to plug in some speakers. You there, guy at the top. Just drop to earth for no reason, would you? I think you’ve earned a turn.”

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