Ow! That Smarts!

Obviously, we here at Vomit Comet World HQ strongly advise against putting meth pipes in your vagina. But if you must, we encourage you in the strongest manner possible not to get into a car accident while they’re there.

According to The Smoking Gun, police officers responding to the accident found that 26-year-old Jeana Marie Smart had failed to appear in court on a recent drug charge. The officers put Smart in the back of their car and were in the process of taking her to jail when they noticed blood on the seat. When asked about the blood, Smart said she was on her period.

The officers walked Smart into the jail, as blood continued to stream down her leg. That is when she informed law enforcement that she wasn’t on her period. She actually had a meth pipe … inside her vagina. Oh, and there was a syringe in there, too.

According to the police report, “Smart was taken into the jail, where jail staff recovered a broken, clear glass meth/crack pipe and a capped syringe from Smart’s vagina.”

Smart was transported to the hospital, where excess glass was removed from her lady parts. Once the coast was clear, so to speak, Smart was taken back to jail.

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