I Love You, BART

Some people look for sex on the train, while others decide they’d be better off cutting out the middleman.

Leslie Bailey, 28, got into this mess on May 8, after he boarded a Dublin-Pleasanton bound train at San Francisco’s 16th Street Station. Once on board the mostly empty train, Bailey sat in a seat in the front which abutted the operator’s cab. The BART operator testified that when she looked back to see if it was safe to close the doors, she noticed Bailey on his knees, thrusting his hips into his BART seat.

Bailey, who appeared not to notice the operator, continued to rub against the seat until the train reached … the Civic Center Station. He reportedly ran off the train, then rushed back on board just before the doors closed. Bailey walked back to his same preferred seat, where he gyrated on his stomach while his feet dangled into the aisle, according to the Public Defender’s Office.

The operator testified that Bailey then rolled from his belly to his side and appeared to be masturbating and smoking crack cocaine simultaneously. She called dispatch who then alerted BART police of the one-man love fest.

Presumably satisfied by his ride, Bailey exited the train at the next stop, which was the Powell Street Station. Perhaps not feeling quite done, he reportedly walked up to the train operator’s window, apologized for smoking on the train, and begged to let him back on BART. As he begged, Bailey’s penis was partially exposed beneath his shirt, the operator said.

The BART operator told Bailey to beat it (as in scram). As he left, responding officers arrested Bailey, and found a crack pipe in his possession.

You may be surprised to learn that Bailey, who is homeless, is said to have been taking all the drugs he shouldn’t be, while forgoing the anti-psychotic ones that had been prescribed to him.

He was convicted of committing lewd acts and sentenced to time served. He was also acquitted on one count of indecent exposure and the second was dropped when wait for it…the jury was hung.

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  1. 16th Street BART opens up into a large public area. Very attractive but it attracts many, many kooks. I used to ride to that stop because one of my favorite bookstore/coffee shops and a great thrift store were within close walking distance. I was always happy to get on the escalator and onto the busy street.

    Merry Christmas if I don’t get back before that.

  2. Now the girls are grown it’s not a big deal. I wasn’t going to cook anything special but ham went on sale yesterday so I’ll do that. Probably Elcie and Rochelle will be here,at least for dinner.

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