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Yes, I know today is Monday but since most of the stuff I’m going to talk about here took place yesterday, the title works. Who’s site is it, anyway?

Sorry for not getting anything up here since Saturday by the way. Just wasn’t into it yesterday and since nothing really happened, I figured rather than tell you all about my day again I’d just keep my mouth shut and let you all enjoy Sunday either elsewhere or skimming the archives for memories of Sunday’s that have come before. Besides, the most productive things I did yesterday were the dishes and some cooking, neither of which are much fun to read about I’m sure.

I managed to catch parts of the Grey Cup game last night, looked like a pretty solid game from what I managed to see. I’m happy Edmonton won especially after how Toronto was robbed by Montreal in the Eastern final last week. I had an East against West bet with somebody that I lost because of the outcome but I’m happy to part with that 5 bucks because in the end, justice was served.

As for Survivor Series, can’t say it was horrible, but I’m not going to call it a blow-away show either. Honestly I’m going to have to watch it again to get a better feel for it. I kept nodding off throughout the whole thing because of a serious lack of sleep over the last few days. I caught pretty much everything but I just wasn’t in a clear state of mind at the time so it wouldn’t be fair to either praise or come down overly hard on it just yet. I will say this however, that Smackdown 5 on 5 match sucked a long, hard, juicy fat one. Even though the right team ended up winning, the match was just put together so poorly that none of that even mattered and they didn’t really get anybody over any stronger, other than maybe Cena. Granted putting Cena over strong in the match was really important, but they really dropped the ball on the Bob Holly thing. Getting him DQ’d in the first 30 seconds after hyping up the confrontation between he and Lesnar for so long was just a bad move. I hate those quick elimination spots, they accomplish nothing other than making guys look either stupid or weak, and when they’re done so quickly like they were last night it makes things even worse. I understand part of it is a time thing, but pushing people forever as tough guys and then having them get pinned by 1 move just makes no sense at all. And what was there to be gained from having Lesnar tap out again? It won’t lead to anything serious for Benoit, those kind of things never do. Sure there might be a feud but I can’t see Benoit winning it, he never does. Maybe I’ll write up a more detailed thoughts piece once I’ve had a chance to watch it more thoroughly for all of the wrestling people who read this, or maybe I won’t. Time will tell I guess.

One other thing I wanted to mention. Yesterday marked a month of us hit counting the site. Just for the sake of interest, as of this writing, we have had exactly 1572 people visit this thing. Thanks to all of you, especially all of the people who keep coming back. Sure that number might seem pretty small to some people, but I’m impressed with it, I had no idea that so many people cared what Matt and I thought about anything.

Ok, I think that’s all for now. I’ll try to put something together for later and I think Matt is back today so hopefully he’ll have some fun stories to tell.

Later all.

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