I Don’t Need Another iPhone Anymore, A Question About Described Video And Other Things You May Or May Not Care About

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed that quietness I promised a few weeks ago. Judging from our hit counts lately, it would seem you have. Hopefully that’s more you guys having a good holiday than us being the tree that falls in the woods.

Anyway, things got a little quieter than expected for a few reasons, not the least of which is us still being a 1 computer household. I’m working on that, but I’m not sure what the timeline is yet. Getting funding for the adaptive technology that tends to cost as much or more than the computer it runs on can be fun sometimes.

There’s also the weather, which had Carin working from home for a couple days. That left me to scan Twitter and such with the phone to find material for when I had another chance at the computer proper. I have the WordPress app, but for some reason I can’t get it running. I imagine the reason is that I’m not that bright, but even if I did get it going I’m not proficient enough in iPhone to do things the way I like to do them here. Probably for the same reason, come to think of it.

Speaking of iPhones, I no longer need a second one. I’d started looking at prices on new and used pods and phones a while ago, but didn’t wind up buying anything. And that’s a good thing, since Carin, awesome fellow that she is, got me a brand new iPod Touch for Christmas. Having checked out prices I have a decent idea of what she paid for it, which makes me glad I didn’t get her something lame in return.

What did I get her? Well, unless my Barenaked Ladies curse strikes again, we’ll be seeing them later this Month at Centre In The Square.

Have I ever talked about that? How I’m not meant to see that band live? I’ve missed out on something like 4 shows for one reason or another. Off the top of my head I can remember a downpour keeping us away from an outdoor show in the early 90’s, being about to pick up the phone to order tickets but then getting invited to go away that week and missing out on Carin’s birthday surprise because my family had a thing for hospitals. I did manage to see Steven Page a couple of years ago without incident though, so maybe things are turning around even if he isn’t technically a Barenaked Lady.

Completely unrelated to anything really, I have to ask a question before I end this.

It’s nice that the Comedy Network tells us that certain programs are presented with described video, but why do I often hear that announcement right before Just For Laughs or Comedy Now? Those are stand-up shows. What exactly is there to describe? The important stuff, unless there’s a magician or something, is coming out of the dude’s mouth the entire time. We don’t have DVS turned on, but in this case I have absolutely no idea what we could possibly be missing. The credits?

And now, I shall end this. Talk soon. Oh, and Happy New Year, since I didn’t get a chance to say it at the time.

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