Just Be Yourself

Here, have a few words fromGill for your Saturday morning. Wait, it’s afternoon now? Where’s today going, exactly?

How many times have you heard your parents tell you to just be yourself? Have you
ever at least given it thought, or actually listened to those words?

I, and I am sure you have, thought about the impact those words have on people.
Have you really thought of what it means to just be who you are?

For me it means not caring what others think, plotting my own course, and gathering
true friends along the way. Did you also know that people tend to have more respect
for people who don’t fake who they are?

It’s easier, more fun, and cheaper to be myself. I do not have to worry about
makeup, following trends, or even what others think of me as a person. I feel
comfortable just being Ms. Gillie.

What would people find out if they knew the authentic you? Maybe that you have your
favorite childhood book framed on your living room wall, or that you like 1920’s
blues music, or that your favorite restaurant is this little hole-in-the-wall
Vietnamese place you discovered by accident.

Talk soon, and remember to just be yourself

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