What Does This Say? Why Would I Want To Pop My Mummy In The Bog? That Makes No Sense

Perhaps Jamal Garrett should have been a doctor instead of a criminal. Doctors seem to get along just fine with some truly shideous handwriting, but bank robbers…not so much, it seems.

Police in Antioch, California say that Garrett, 29, walked into a Wells Fargo bank on Monday and handed a note to a clerk. But the teller couldn’t figure out what it said, and eventually had to ask a manager for help.

This is how you know it’s time to work on the old printing skills. When you pass a scribbled note to somebody working at a bank and that person and a friend are baffled as to why, something is broken.

Perhaps wisely, Garrett got the hell out of there, figuring that maybe this was all taking too long. But naturally, he couldn’t keep himself out of trouble.

The clerk and manager eventually decoded Garrett’s note and called police. You’d think he might be hard to track down, but thankfully he was kind enough to help them out by causing some sort of disturbance at a nearby mall later that day.

Officers dealing with that case noticed that he looked like the description of the would-be bank robber, and set about getting him positively identified as such. Once that was out of the way, he was charged with attempted bank robbery and also dinged on an outstanding warrant for some parole violations, at least I think that’s what it says here. Hang on a second…

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