Winamp May Still Have A Few Llama Whippings In It After All

Last Updated on: 13th January 2014, 09:07 am

It appears Winamp may not be as dead as it seemed.

AOL-owned (but not for long) Winamp and Shoutcast are reportedly being acquired by DIY online streaming platformRadionomy. TechCrunch picked up a Winamp forum post by an individual who noticed that the Winamp domain name pointed to Radionomy servers. That is a clear indication of ownership transfer, reportedly bolstered by an unnamed source. ShoutCast, which is paired with Winamp as a Nullsoft creation, will go with Winamp to Radionomy, according to TechCrunch, although that nameserver has not been changed as of this post.

This is good news for people like me who like their Winamp just fine, thanks. Well, at least until the new owners louse up what’s left of the accessibility, which is always a strong possibility.

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