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We really need to figure out a way to use meth for the forces of good. Seriously, how can there not be value in a substance that gives you the power to be unharmed by Taser strikes and fight off 15 people? But until that day comes, the stuff’ll just be wasted on dude’s whipping out their pipes in restaurants and then not remembering it. Such a shame.

Andrew Frey, 37, exposed himself to a bartender at Iggy’s Bar & Grill on December 22 before he began pleasuring himself, according to police.

He then moved into the bathroom where he continued his inappropriate behaviour before police were called to the scene.

Deputy Peter Walker, who was first at the scene, used a Taser on the suspect multiple times but it had no effect, according to a police statement.

The two then got into a fight before police reinforcements arrived at the bar.

It took more than 15 police officers from three different forces to finally arrest Frey, who was taken to a local hospital for assessment.

Frey, who has been charged with public indecency, resisting arrest and theft of services, told police that he doesn’t remember a thing. He also admitted to using meth, which pretty much answers any further questions anyone could possibly have.

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