Do You Ever Feel Already Buried Deep Six Feet Under? Scream But No One Seems To Hear A Thing. Do You Know That There’s Still A Chance For You…If You Just Rethink The Torch Idea

Remember when you were growing up and all those teachers and parents and grandparents kept telling you to live your life straight and narrow? The reason they kept saying that is because sometimes the alternative is dying widely scattered in all directions, and they wanted better for you.

Two men were killed in an explosion in Hopkinton, N.H., when they were allegedly trying to steal fireworks from a business.
WGME reports that Lucas Burke and Ethan Keeler were using a blow torch to break into a metal container that had fireworks inside, according to police.
The two men were killed in the explosion that took place very early on Tuesday morning at New Yard Landscaping. The men reportedly did not have permission to be on the property.

Obviously no charges were filed, since the charges they’ve already been hit with will be enough of a deterrent.

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