A Belated Happy 40th Birthday To Global Television

I didn’t realize it, but Global Television turned 40 this year. It signed on on January 6th, 1974.

Here’s a video history it put together on itself when it turned 25. Neat to see all that old footage, some of it for the first time. First 25 years of Global Television

By the way, does anybody else remember when Global used to come in really clearly on the bottom end of the dial on the radio? I loved that so much. Listening to Sportsline and all the different late night stuff that was on while you and the world were supposed to be asleep…those were good times. I also remember taping shows I liked so I could listen to them later. I wonder if I still have any of them and if they’d even play now if I did. I seem to have bad luck with tapes now, for some reason.

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