Lean Forward…And Silence The Woman Talking About Important Things

Yesterday, I got to be impressed with our local CTV news for the first time in a while. I was worried leading up to 6 o’clock that they would lead with Justin Bieber because he’s from around here, but instead they went with things much more important (the Quebec seniors’ home fire, to be specific). Good job, guys.

But because the universe thrives on balance, I of course must offer a “bad job, guys” to somebody, and that somebody is MSNBC, who shushed a segment on NSA spying in order to bring us the life and death breaking news that oh look, Justin Bieber is in court now, uh-oh. MSNBC interrupts Congresswoman for report on Justin Bieber

Yesterday, Biebs was arrested and charged over a drunken driving incident. The unfolding saga was so important that MSNBC host Andrea Mitchel silenced the longtime congresswoman she was interviewing (about NSA domestic spying) to report a preliminary court appearance.

Jane Harman, a Democrat, represented California’s 36th district until 2011.

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