Oh MiO My Oh Eeewwww

Last Updated on: 24th February 2014, 10:13 am

Now that I’ve written about the Enzyte hotel, I figured I’d write about another commercial, or couple of them, that I’ve meant to write about for months.

Out of the blue, these commercials appeared for this Mio stuff. From the audio, I had no friggin idea what this stuff was, but it didn’t sound good. I eventually figured out that it was this stuff designed to use as flavouring for water, or something.

First there was this barry pomegranate Mio commercial, which makes you feel like you’re watching a creepy drug deal in an alley somewhere. Just listen to it without watching it. Am I wrong in this?

That was immediately followed up by this MIO Sport version. Seriously, Mr. YouTube uploader guy, you had to call it “Eye of the Squirter”? Are you hoping to gross us out? All I can think about is that guy squirting into his colleague’s water bottle. Oh, water-enhancing squirt indeed!

It doesn’t get any better when it says things like “hardcore squirt” and “hot yoga squirt” and “synchronized squirt”…is that some kind of circle jerk? I did laugh when it said “logo” at the end, but there was too much other innuendo going on for me to truly find that redeeming.

And now, thankfully, I haven’t seen any MIO commercials lately. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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