The Press Release Is The Light. Patterns From Nothing Are King

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2015, 03:06 pm

Woohoo, it’s been settled. That babbling doll isn’t saying anything. Oh, that’s not quite right. She says one word, and that’s “mama”. I quote directly from the press release.

The Little Mommy Cuddle ‘n Coo dolls feature realistic baby sounds including cooing, giggling, and baby babble with no real sentence structure. The only scripted word the doll says is “mama.” There is a sound that may resemble something close to the word “night, right, or light.”

I know some press releases can be full of crap, but I’m inclined to believe this one, especially since the Gastonia Gazette showed that the message wasn’t so clear. They went out, bought one of the dolls and asked some people to listen to it, without giveing them any ideas. The listeners thought maybe they heard the word “light” or “life” but nothing else.

So ha ha, there ya go. To the people who heard “Islam is the light” or “Satan is king,” it’s all in your heads.

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