A Petition To Consider

You can tell Gill’s back from her vacation. For the second day in a row, here she is.

It was two years ago this very day that I saw probably the worst movie ever made. It was called Wander Lust, and friends I don’t normally bring out fire and brimstone Gillie, but this movie was a complete and total abomination!

Why am I talking about this two years on after I mistakenly suggested this two hours of my life I will never get back? It’s simple. There are days to celebrate all the awesome things, odd things, and March 5th honors flatulence. So in that dangerous time when I had plenty of time to think of stuff I thought to my average self, how about a day to dishonor things people liked less than foot infections, visits from annoying aunt Bertha, and four straight hours of cousin Stephanie and her friends singing everything One Direction has ever produced.

So friends it’s up to you. Do you think March 3rd should be considered International Crapscickle day?

You know, the way that February went and March is starting, and considering that I’m about to go and break a streak that’s lasted my entire life (more on that later perhaps), I might just be down with this idea.

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