4 Songs I Like Listening To These Days

Since we’re talking music, here are a few more songs I’m digging (har har) right now.

First up, Corb Lund – Dig Gravedigger Dig.

Unless there’s some sort of fancy metaphor that’s gone completely over my head, this is, in fact, an impossibly groovy country song about a guy who digs graves for a living.

and now for something completely different, have a listen to HAIM – The Wire.

It took a little while for this one to grow on me. Over and over I would hear critics and radio people talk about how great a song it is, but I just didn’t hear it. but hell if I didn’t suddenly find myself walking down the street one day humming the damned thing. I can’t decide if it sounds like it was ripped straight out of the 80’s or the 90’s, though.

Vampire Weekend Unbelievers

Apparently this is not a song about religion or a lack thereof, which means I have no idea what the point of it is because it sure sounds that way to me. Either way, I like it.

And finally, The Deep Dark Woods – Charlie’s (Is Coming Down).

Every time I hear this, I get a little sad that a bar I’ve never heard of isn’t around anymore and wish I could have gone there.

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