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And now, here’s Gill to tell us about a neat sounding Ethiopian food experience she recently had. Wait…Ethiopians have food? Oh man, when World Vision finds out about this…

Have you ever wanted to travel the world in search of exotic eats? But either you can’t afford the plane fair, or you don’t have an updated passport. There is a way to create your own adventures with out the expense or pat-downs.

All you have to do is check out the net for different recipes, try new grocery stores, or if like me an idea drops in to your head, go to a restaurant of a food you have never tried.

Yesterday I went to this place about twenty minutes from home called Wasi Ethiopian Food. For those who may not have tried this type of food, or are afraid to eat with out cutlery I’m here to let you know that the cool factor far outweighs any things you may have been taught.

The bread itself is a spungey pancake like thing that you break to dip in your wat or stew. It is sour doe made of a grain native to Ethiopia.

What good meal would be complete with out some kind of traditional drink? The coffee, which itself was first grown in a region of Ethiopia called Coffa, is served in tiny square shaped glasses, and for twelve extra dollars a traditional ceremony is performed. This involves the server preparing the full-bodied licorice flavored delight in front of you.

Although meat options were available, I had this fantastic lentil stew.

So? Where do you think your food adventures will take you?

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  1. Hahaha, the related posts thing is trying to out asshole me. 2 out of 5 are about dog food.

    Seriously though, I bet some of what she’s describing would be pretty good, though I’m really not much for coffee.

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