He Was So Close To Pulling It Off

I probably should have known better, but I didn’t think things like this actually happened.

WICKER PARK — The owner of a Division Street bar got an unpleasant but slightly comical surprise when an apparent burglar managed to remove a lock on the bar’s front door — but couldn’t get in because he was pulling the unlocked door instead of pushing it.

Surveillance video from the bar shows a man twisting and prying a lock at The Shambles and dislodging a safety guard doorstop after seven minutes of work early Friday. Nonetheless, he failed to get in after aggressively pulling the door repeatedly. A sticker on the outside of the door reads “PUSH.”

Police are still looking for their suspect, who shouldn’t be overly difficult to keep in custody once captured, I imagine.

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  1. Where’s that comic with the “welcome to the School for the Gifted,” sign, followed up with a sign on the door that says “pull”…and there’s a kid pushing the door.

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