We’ll Be Carting You Off Now, Ma’am

I’m not even going to try pretending that I understand what’s going on here.

Catherine Dajnowski, 40, dialed 911 while sitting in a shopping cart just before 11 p.m. Dec. 13 in the parking lot of the West Boca Publix at 9820 Glades Road, according to an arrest report. Dajnowski told the dispatcher a man was trying to take her cart, according to the report.

Deputies talked to a male Publix employee, who said he asked Dajnowski multiple times for the cart back, according to the report. A deputy told Dajnowski to give the cart back because it was Publix property, but when the deputy left, she dialed 911 again.

Deputies returned and told Dajnowski to stop calling 911 because she was misusing the emergency line, but Dajnowski dialed 911 a third time while a deputy was standing with her, according to the report.

Dajnowski was charged with misusing an emergency line and scheduled for a court appearance on January 16th. She didn’t show up (Nobody was around to push?), which netted her a count of failure to appear on which she was later arrested. At the time of the report she was being held in lieu of $2250 bail, but she can’t possibly still be there, I wouldn’t think. If I find out what happened, I’ll let you know.

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