Island Hopping Part 1

Gill just got back from what sounds like a pretty sweet vacation apparently having learned a thing or 12 and wanting to tell us all about it.

Today my friends, as I haven’t quite gotten back to my version of normal I am going to share with you little histories and cool factors about the islands I have recently visited.

Puerto Rico

History- Incorporated as an American territory in 1918 this island has both a Latin and American influence.

Cool Factor- Roberto Clemente, one of the Pitsburg Pirates grew up there. My associate pastor a few years back was of Puerto Rican decent.

St. Thomas

History- In 1917 President Woodrow Wilson purchased this island along with St. Croix creating the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Cool factor- The capital of Charlotte-Amelie makes one feel like they have stepped in to the Paris of the Caribbean. There are many shops for those who enjoy that, especially diamonds and gold. One can also hop a sailing boat over to the island of Tortola for some of the best diving.


History- In 1605 the first British settlers landed at what is now known as Discovery Bay. Barbados obtained her independence in 1966, however the British influence still remains as they drive on the left.

Cool Factor- Barbados has ten golf courses, Tiger Woods was married there, and some of the best rum in the world comes out of there for those who imbibe.

St. Lucia

History- Prior to 1796 this gem of the Caribbean was controlled by the French. In 1796 a battle was fought between the French and British for control. At this point St. Lucia became a British Common Wealth and remained so until 1979.

Cool Factor- If one goes to the top of this hill dotted with tropical flora they can see a stone formation that looks like a face.There is also zip lining and a sky tram.

St. Kits

History- In 1782 the French claimed this Island, but that was short lived as in 1783 the Treaty Of Brustles was signed making St. Kits a member of the British Commonwealth. Independence came in 1983.

Cool Factor- St. Kits has some of the best beaches in the world along with Brimstone National park. One for a small fee can get their picture taken with a monkey.

St. Martin

Cool factor- Did you know that St. Martin is the smallest Island to share two very different cultures? It’s true. It has both a French and Dutch side, but 112 cultures call it home. In the capital of Phillipsburg, located on the Dutch half of the island there is a Star Wars store. I also got to ride and pose for a photo on a Segway.

See You soon for more notes from the Islands.

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