All I Want For Christmas Is My 32 Teeth

It’s been a while since the dentists tag has gotten a workout, but I think it might be time.

A Missouri man is suing his dentist for allegedly pulling out all 32 of his teeth for no reason.

Skyler A. King, 23, claims he visited a Clayton dentist about an abscess and was told he had to extract all his teeth because he was at risk of fatal blood clotting.

King says Mark D. Meyers DDS, dba Eat Right Dentures/Same Day Dentures, told him all his teeth would have to come out, according to the suit filed in St. Louis County Court April 17.

The suit goes on to say that King would have needed 3 teeth pulled at most and that his abscess was totally treatable.

I don’t want to go around accusing anybody of anything, but did you happen to catch the names of those clinics?

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