Detroit Metropolitan Airport Now Has A Service Dog Bathroom

Hey Carin. If one of your trips takes you through Detroit Metropolitan Airport and you wind up spending some time in the McNamara Terminal, let us know what Tans thinks of the fancy new indoor service dog bathroom.

In lieu of doored stalls or urinals, the bathroom features a pair of tiny grass yards. It’s not the first in the country, but it does offer dogs their choice of real grass or artificial turf, with an accompanying tiny fake hydrant to make them feel more ease at relieving themselves indoors (something they’ve probably been trained not to do). And when they’re done, a dog-friendly button activates pop-up sprinklers that wash their waste into the same sanitation system used by the airport’s other bathrooms.

To be clear, the sprinklers only take care of number 1. You’ll still have to clean up the hopefully hard stuff by hand, but there will be bags available for that.

It’s only available in the one terminal which is a bit of a bummer if you’re not lucky enough to land there, but everyone involved says that the location was chosen because of the large number of connecting flights it handles. Makes sense to me.

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  1. I would have killed for that in O’Hare!

    There was a weird in-door setup in Florida that Tansy had to use…can’t remember if she did anything there or not…but I do remember standing in it…and praying that everyone else had picked up.

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