Thoughts And Dreams

Gill has decided to write a wee bit more about her late friend Eric Williams.

In 2006 Eric and I were having one of our all night chats when he suggested that James Bond would be cool if he was black. I must admit to agreeing with him and saying, “I would plop my rear in a theater seat for that. His love interest would be Vanilla Cream.` I suggested only for a laugh, but he liked it, and we proceeded to work out the plot.

Ice-cream and the Proper Hug

Tuesday night I dreamed that Eric and I were on a walk somewhere, and there was an ice-cream truck. I only had enough to buy him one, and because of that he gave me a proper hug.

Maybe It’s Denial

I told Carin last night that I still kind of feel like I’m in a nightmare awaiting that bucket of cold water signaling that we did go for that walk, and he is giving me those obscure memory words via phone.

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