A Non-Inspirational Inspirational TED Talk

I saw this tweeted as I was coming home on the bus the other day…who knows why I was looking at Twitter while riding the bus, but there I was. I watched it, and thought “hey, this is totally what we’ve been saying in different forms in the blind guy user’s manual over the years.” So, why not put it in there?

So, here’s a TED Talk called I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much. It caught my attention, and I thought, “That’s perfect!”

And yes, I have been called amazing for pretty simple things like walking to a bus stop or finding a door. This is, in fact, a thing. The flip side is if you make a mistake, people automatically assume the reason you missed the door or walked past the bus stop was all because of the blindness thing. Nope. How about I just worked a really long day and I’m a walking zombie?

I don’t know how she didn’t friggin slug that kid for asking her when she was going to start inspiring him. Well…I kinda do. There have been times when I’ve wanted to get mad at someone, but haven’t, because it just never ends well. I just figure they earned their spot up here for all to see.

So, have a good laugh and enjoy, and maybe think about her message.

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