Ambiguous Case Indeed!

First, have a song.

Sherman Downey And The Ambiguous Case- Annalee

On the first few listens, I thought “gee what a groovy little song.” I would catch myself with the song in my head. Eventually I caught myself merrily singing the chorus.

“If you see Anaalee, tell her I said hello.
Tell her I made it out ok, and hold her before you go.”


At first I didn’t say anything, and then I had to ask Steve what he thought of the last line. Did it not make his eyebrows go up? He agreed with me completely, and I felt less nuts.

I could just assume that he means give her a hug for me…but well, we all know that “hold her” can mean lots of things in songs especially.

I can just imagine the guy on the receiving end of these instructions. “um, can I have a little more clarification on this one? I mean I don’t even know this woman!”

And what if he got it wrong? I’m pretty sure Annalee wouldn’t really like some stranger getting all snuggly cuddly with her. She might just punch him in the face. And the poor guy was only following orders!

And all this thought over a line in a song. Something’s wrong with me.

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