Lost Dogs In Dreamland

A while back, I had another nightmare about losing Trixie. Brad’s had her for over a year and a half and I still dream about losing her. In this one, Brad was gone away somewhere for a few days, and Steve and I said we’d take care of Trix. We took her with us to a hotel. The rest of the family was there, so I have no idea why Brad didn’t go.

Everything was going great until one day Steve and I found a hall that seemed to be completely contained. We thought we had all the doors shut, and then we let the dogs loose. Trix and Tansy were having a great time…until…suddenly I couldn’t hear Trix anymore. I would call to her, and only Tansy would come.

Then we discovered a door we didn’t see, and it was open. This meant that Trix could have gotten anywhere in the hotel.

We started searching madly but couldn’t find her. Eventually Steve’s family said they had to go, even if we couldn’t find Trix. Unwillingly I left, wondering what I was going to tell Brad. I had lost his dog. I woke up with a horrible sinking feeling in my heart.

This got me to thinking about how I haven’t had a Tansy nightmare. I sort of did when I dreamed about taking her on the Tour of the Universe ride, but that wasn’t a total “oh my god I’ve ruined/abandoned/lost my dog” type dream.

Then, as if on queue, I had one!

For some reason, I decided to go find a huge pet store. This was some kind of massive pet supply warehouse, and it was supposed to be awesome. But I didn’t go in there with anything in mind, I just figured I’d get inspired by something.

I went in, and because this is dreamland, nobody saw me. So I just started wandering around aimlessly. There were lots of people with pets in the store, some calm, some unruly. Eventually, Tansy lost it and jumped on someone. I was so embarrassed. A lady offered to hold her leash, and again, because this is dreamland, I let her! Then a minute or so later, I realized she and Tansy were gone!

After a brief frantic search with no success, the panic set in…and I woke up to here Steve ask “Where’s Tans?” All he meant was he didn’t see her on her bed, and he was going to shut the balcony door and didn’t want to shut her on the balcony. But those words caused the panic from my dream to follow me out into the waking world. Poor Steve got a very cross-sounding “What do you mean ‘where’s Tans’?” Thankfully, she was right on her bed, but it’s official. I’ve had my first Tansy abandonment nightmare. Here I was hoping that maybe that kind of dream would just stop happening. I guess not.

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