KNFB Reader For iPhone Is A Thing

Remember back when the makers of the KNFB Reader said it would not work on an iPhone? Well, they’ve gone and done it. Here, have your iBalls. Well, they didn’t call it iBalls, but ya know.

I wondered what it would cost, since the price of the app for the Nokia phones was nearly a grand. That would not fly in the app store. But in that store’s economy, it feels like about equivalent. They’re charging $99 for the thing.

Youch! I don’t think I’d run out and buy it…not until I saw a lot of demos at least. they did say it read a powerpoint presentation from 25 feet away. That’s pretty cool. Granted I haven’t tried to get Prismo to do that.

So, by the end of August, iBalls will be a thing. We’ll see what folks think of it.

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  1. A hundred bucks? Sounds like it’s going to have a few snappy features, but let’s get serious. I feel like a bit of a dink saying this since the tech was amazing just a few short years ago, but good luck with the going out of business sale, guys.

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