Canada Day From Dawn Until Dusk

Last Updated on: 13th July 2014, 06:14 pm

A few days ago, somebody asked me why Gill suddenly disappeared. I had no idea, but as if on cue, she’s back.

And to answer her question, my Canada Day consisted of sunshine, a few drinks, baseball, music and food with Carin and a couple of our friends.

My Hometown

Where I grew up you will find rolling farmers fields, the smell of various dungs, and the sounds of different equipment working the land as it has for generations. You might see a Mennonite buggy trekking along to do errands, or you might see a local farmer and family sitting for Sunday breakfast at a local diner. Sundays are when the faithful gather at First Baptist church, or a dad or mom will take their kids fishing in the river. Although my sister and I left it in the rear view mirror years ago, it will always be our hometown.

Pancakes Of Plenty

Every year with out fail a local hall and community group holds a pancake breakfast to celebrate Canada Day. Family and friends alike sit at picnic tables to eat pancakes and sausages, drink coffee and juice, and to catch up. This year the rain almost drove us in to the hall, but the weather behaved itself just in time.

March On

Following the breakfast, and just a few streets over, there is a parade. There is the fire and rescue trucks, pipe and drum bands, a dog on a skateboard, and coolest of all the vintage cars. In my hometown there is a British Car Club featuring the coolest of the British made cars of the 1950’s until 1980’s.

April Wine

Later that day after we had a hotdog in the town square, and drinks on a friend’s deck my mom, sister, and I went to Blue Mountain Village. Often when one thinks of Blue Mountain they think of skiing, snowboarding, or in the summer time good golfing. The village is more than that. You can get $10 coffees, cool duds, or a delicious pumpkin ravioli. The center of this foot traffic only area was transformed in to a concert venue and fire works display. April Wine sang many of their classics Just Between You and Me, and such like.


Friends I shared my Canada Day, now tell me about yours, or maybe what Canada means to you?

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