Mental Middle Finger

And now, here’s Gill with today’s installment of let’s ask a blind person a silly question.

Most people who know me should know that I don’t suffer fools, and village idiots often feel the wrath of Ms. Gillie. Knowing this I was quite shocked that in the advanced year of 2014 that I would have to deal with someone I can honestly say to be a definite fool.

Ignorance At The Hospital

Last Thursday morning I went to St. Joseph’s Hospital, which is one of the Hamilton Health Sciences Network for a breathing test. I entered the building and approached the information desk and politely asked, “could you call for someone to take me to the breathing and allergy clinic?` It is at this time that any of the normally reasonable information people would pick up the phone and dial the porters, but this person was heard to ask before calling said porters, “can you sit by yourself on a chair?`


Feeling embarrassed, and a little more than put off I replied, “yes. What do you think I am? That was the most Canadian question anyone has asked me in a long time! I will stand.`

Clinic Worker To The Rescue

Just as I was about to plot a course for the clinic by my little self someone who worked there came and I asked for their help to get there. Crisis averted!

Although we live in a supposedly advanced era ignorance still exists. Have you ever had to give the mental middle finger, or maybe you have had to defend yourself in other ways?

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