Dine And Duh

I’ve never dined and dashed, but I know what the first rule is. No, it’s not do not talk about dine and dash, though that one’s probably on the list somewhere. The first rule of dine and dash, quite sensibly, is make sure you’ve gathered up all your stuff before you leave, fool. Unfortunately for Kyla Anne MacMillan, that’s the one she broke.

After MacMillan and a couple of friends had polished off $160 worth of food and liquor at a pub in Brandon, Manitoba, she said she needed to go outside and use a nearby bank machine. but instead of grabbing money, the three made a run for it. The other 2 (who I’m sure are soooo off the Christmas card list right now) got away, but MacMillan had to come back. Why? An attack of the guilties? Nope. She needed her medication…which was in her purse…which was still inside the restaurant.

Barring a whole lot of missing information, that’s what they call an open and shut case, kids. And odds are nothing was missing, as MacMillan pleaded guilty to a charge of fraudulently obtaining food. She was ordered by Judge Donovan Dvorak (who’s name is quite fun to say) to pay the original bill, plus $325 in court costs. Or put another way, there go 2 more nights out.

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