Let’s Go Rogering

Usually when a story about some pervert taking upskirt photos of women in public places comes up, it’s creepy and gross, but generally not all that interesting. It’s pretty much always a hidden bathroom camera or one of those snazzy mini cams in a shoe, some charges and the world mostly moving on.

But not so in the case of Timothy Keith Colgrove, so the story goes. Whether his dictionary was missing the page with the definition of discreet on it, his give a damn was busted or he’s just a flat out imbecile is up for debate, but whatever the case, we can all agree that the Kroger’s pharmacist was clearly doing it wrong on this day.

According to a Suwanee Police Department report, Mary Rivera, 31, told officers she was “standing in the checkout line when she observed the suspect, Timothy Keith Colgrove, squatting next to her holding his cell phone in such a way as to photograph under her skirt.”

When Rivera spotted the 38-year-old Colgrove, she tried to grab his phone. During the ensuing scuffle, Colgrove “fell backwards to the ground” as the woman and another Kroger customer sought to confiscate the phone. Colgrove, Rivera told cops, was “trying to delete the pictures.”

The two shoppers eventually succeeded in wresting away Colgrove’s phone, which Rivera later turned over to police.

When questioned, Colgrove told police that he wasn’t taking photos of the nice lady, offering instead that he had been squatting down to get a drink out of a refrigerator while at the same time sending texts, something I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a person do. By the way, if you can’t put the phone down for even the few seconds it takes to grab a beverage, seek help. You have a problem.

When asked for permission to search the photos and videos on his phone, Colgrove said no, telling cops that “he had other stuff on his phone that he did not want everybody to see.” But that didn’t turn out to be immediately important, since 3 separate shoppers backed up the this guy was totally snapping pictures up this lady’s skirt version of events.

Colgrove was arrested for felony eavesdropping which seems a bit odd if we’re going by what most of us would consider the traditional definition of the word and booked into the Gwinnett County jail. He was released after posting $5700 bond.

And because today the universe loves us, the story notes in a rather glorious bit of namey coincidence that Colgrove is a resident of Cumming, which is a city 40 miles northeast of Atlanta.

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