C Is For Chokehold, ‘Cause You Ate My Cookies Three

I’ve eaten cookies for breakfast once or twice in my day. Look at me, of course I have. But if anything’s going to kill me for doing so, it’s going to be Father Time and Cousin Coronary, not Crazy Cookie Loving Roommate Guy A.K.A. Allen M. Hall.

After finding out that his unidentified 49-year-old female roommate had eaten 3 Chips Ahoy cookies, Hall is reported to have flipped his lid to such a digree that they almost became the last supper.

The incident occurred about 10:15 a.m. Wednesday in a house on the 400 block of East Garfield Avenue, where Hall and the roommate had separate bedrooms.

The victim said she was dressing in a bathroom when Hall started pounding on the door, threatening to kill her.

Because she didn’t take the threat seriously she opened the door and told him: “If you are going to kill me then go ahead,” the victim later told police.

Hall shocked her with his violent response.

“Allen grabbed her around the throat with both of his hands and threw her down into the tub,” she told police, said the affidavit. “She hit the back of her head on the tub and this caused a knot on her head.”

Hall then got on top of her “and strangled her to the point she could not speak and was having difficulty breathing.”

The victim’s husband and landlady both arrived on the scene and “had to pull Allen off of her.”

She later told police she believed “Allen would have killed her if (her husband and landlady) had not been there.”

During an interview, Hall, who might just be certifiably nuts, explained to police that “(The victim) told him to kill her, so he charged.”

Speaking of charged, he has been, of course. With attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery, to be specific. Bond was set at $75,000.

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