It’s A Smallwood After All

When your name is Ryan Christopher Smallwood, you’d think that the last conversation you would want to get involved in would be one about your…well…wood. In this case, you would be wrong.

At about 1 a.m., a Rock Hill police officer working overtime at the Waffle House on South Anderson Road noticed Ryan Christopher Smallwood, 26, of Fayetteville, N.C., sitting in a booth, “flipping the bird” at a restaurant customer, according to a Rock Hill police report. Smallwood’s pants were dropped to his ankles, the officer reported, though he still had his boxers up around his waist.
The officer ordered Smallwood to pull up his pants, warning him that any further inappropriate behavior would result in police asking him to leave the Waffle House, the report states. Smallwood pulled his pants back up and the officer walked back across the restaurant. Not much time later, the officer overheard Smallwood talking about his privates to two other people sitting at the bar.

True to his word, the officer asked him to leave, which went about as well as you think. An argument ensued, one which the officer won handily by placing Smallwood under arrest for public disorderly conduct.

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