Your Policies Are Garbage. Why Don’t You Join Them

There are plenty of aspects of foreign culture that can feel free to merrily stay right where they are. But this thing where an angry mob comes together to dump one of its country’s shitty politicians into a dumpster? Canada ought to think about importing that one.

The victim, such as he is, is Vitaly Zhuravsky, a member of Ukraine’s Economic Development Party. The description attached to the unfortunately mostly silent video (sound kicks in after a minute-ish) explains how and why he met such a fate.

An angry crowd has thrown a Ukrainian MP into a skip outside the country’s parliament in Kiev.

A group of men were filmed shoving Vitaly Zhuravsky before grabbing him and dumping him head first into the bin filled with festering rubbish.

As he tried to clamber out, the MP – still gripping his briefcase – was held down by his head as members of the screaming and swearing mob tossed a tyre on top of him.

Before Mr Zhuravsky could free himself, liquid from what looked like a drink can was poured over his head and a woman was heard shouting in Russian: “Boys, let me kick him at least one time.”

Once a member of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of the Regions, the MP risked unpopularity in January when he authored a bill severely tightening restrictions on anti-government protesters.

Previously, he was behind a controversial bill criminalising libel, which was withdrawn amid widespread opposition.

The incident came after the Ukrainian parliament voted to ratify a major EU-Ukraine association agreement.

“Boys, let me kick him at least one time” sounds like something straight out of an old western movie, doesn’t it?

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