Soy And Wesson

In these types of stories, usually the crazy one is the customer. But not always.

According to cops, the 19-year-old patron asked for more soy sauce after receiving his takeout order Sunday night at Dayton’s Dragon
City eatery. That request somehow triggered an argument between the teen and Allan Lin, a 40-year-old cashier.
As detailed in a Dayton Police Department report, the patron, Munjed Milhem, said that Lin removed a handgun from a holster on his belt and jammed the weapon into his chest. Lin, Milhem said, was “yelling frantically” and waving his gun around.
When cops arrived at the business, they seized a Smith & Wesson handgun and three full 12-round magazines from Lin (who had the gun and ammo attached to his belt).

Lin told police that Milhem had been rude to him during their exchange, had yelled at him and even threatened to have him jumped. Somehow I doubt that “defuse situations with dissatisfied patrons by waving the ‘ol gun around” appears anywhere in the customer service manual, but that’s his story.

He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor aggravated menacing.

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