Two For The Price Of One

Gill is here to review a couple of restaurants. I’m glad she likes the Works. That place is awesome. We used to like going there when we lived in Guelph, but haven’t gotten to the one in Waterloo since we’ve been here in KW. But once Carin gets herself sorted out, we’re so going to the new one they just opened up near our house to celebrate.

The Works Brother!

Just over two weeks ago I went to a burger joint that isn’t your traditional burger joint. For starters you plop yourself in a seat, order off an actual menu, and you get non-traditional options for toppings for whatever burger you want. I ordered a custom made vegetable burger with goat cheese and carmalized onions. Your meal comes to you not only on a plate, but a baking tray. The milk shake options were also out of this world. I, feeling like having a cheat on my diabetes day, opted for a measuring cup, a big one full of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. Definitely worth the trip back.

Bombay Grill

I have finally found a place to grab some delicious Indian food, reasonably priced with a high end atmosphere. Linen table cloths, soft cultural music, and freshly homemade food give this little gem a comfortable place to not only eat in, but carry out. There are plenty of vegetarian options, and the buffet offers a wide selection of delicious fair. I had the vegetable biriani as a sit down, and semosas for carry out. I also went back several days later to have more of their fabulous semosas. I better stop talking about them before my keyboard gets a short from my drool.

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