All Terrain Does Not Include Fresh Concrete

Here’s a messed up one, mostly because I have no idea why this guy did what he did.

It says here that Charles Cowart, for no discernable reason, rode an ATV onto a bridge under construction and caused all sorts of mayhem, including throwing cow feed at workers. Hee hee. His name is Cowart and he threw cow feed. Hee.

I guess, previously, he had led police on a drunken horse chase, but they don’t seem to say if alcohol was the reason for this little spree.

This is how it was described.

According to authorities, Cowart rode past barriers, screamed at workers while making circles with the ATV, then dropped a trailer tailgate to gouge the new pavement. Deputies said he then threw cow feed at the workers, jumped off the bridge into some woods and swam through a canal before being cornered.

And all of this with no explanation. He has to be drunk. He has to be!

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