Who Needs Handcuffs? No, Seriously, I Have Handcuffs

It’s doubtful you’ll hear much arguing when you make a statement such as if you’re in business, it’s good to advertise. It’s a very true statement. But also a true statement is for every rule, there is an exception. And in the business world, that exception can usually be found right around the point where you’re a drug dealer and you’re wearing a shirt that says “Who Needs Drugs? No, seriously, I have drugs” on it.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Balmer tried to hand a “bag of green leafy substance” to a person behind him in line at a cash register when he locked eyes with the sheriff’s deputy. When the person rejected the gift, he put the baggy on the floor and paid for his items.
Deputies discovered the bag contained marijuana and methamphetamine.

John Balmer, a 50-year-old example of age leaving wisdom behind, was arrested on a possession charge.

Thanks, Michelle.

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